iPhone project ideas

Wikiball w/ accelerometers

Wow! Fun.

Graphing Calculator

Higschooler: "Mom, I don’t need a TI, just buy me an iPod touch. The software (Jared’s Graphing Calculator) is better than a TI-89 anyway."

  • With symbolic algebra/calculus, and extensive units
  • 2-D graphing with Google Maps-like multi-touch interaction
  • 3-D graphing with accelerometer and multi-touch to navigate around
  • Programming language (like TI-Basic but more modern and less brain dead)

Like baby Mathematica. I’m working on the symbolic part right now.

Kitchen Sync (TM)

Imagine a world without the iPod classic (or the classic stops growing in capacity past 160GB). What’s the easiest way to deal with having a large library (say, 1/2 TB or more... arbitrarily large) if you have an iPod touch or iPhone? (even a few years from now when you have 16,32, or 64GB...)

Well, if I were in that situation (speaking as a developer) I would write my own Kitchen Sync App (TM) that let me access (browse) my music from my home machine (like back to my Mac). Assuming the SDK is powerful enough to allow modifying music in the iTunes library on the iPhone, short of DRM issues :-(, if I was in a place with the bandwidth (WiFi) I could stream or sync albums/videos on the go.

Imagine traveling with an iPhone (and no laptop), arriving at a hotel, plug in your iPhone to charge, log in to the free hotel WiFi, fire up Kitchen Sync (TM) browse your home music/media library for some different albums (or sync smart playlists for fresh music), hit Sync, and wake up the next day with another 5-10GB of different music.

Or set the Kitchen Sync (TM) App to shuffle and listen to more than 16GB of songs/albums off your home machine without any intervention. In fact, it could be automated to move large numbers of songs/albums that you haven’t heard recently on its own, filling a given amount of space (say 5GB) when WiFi is available (and, say, you aren’t browsing with Safari).

Suddenly, the price of flash RAM doesn’t matter, and the iPod classic 160GB has less “capacity” than the 8GB iPhone.

If Apple doesn’t add this capability to iTunes/iPhone, then I will (or any other Cocoa developers out there: this is a plea to steal my idea and/or the name Kitchen Sync).

Wow I just convinced myself to buy an iPod touch instead of an iPod classic.