Los Angeles, CA
Jared Updike I build beautiful tools and design-informed products with my decades of
development experience and passion for graphic design and visual arts.
graphics compilers programming-languages California Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science.
2018 – Current
iOS & Mac App Stores swift macos ios ui ux css handlebars tsvg node.js javascript livescript typescript Independent iOS App Developer
Published three for-pay Apps on the App Store.
Harmonious, a music theory reference that also lives on the web in its entirety. Built using Read-Only Website Baked-Out Ahead of Time (ROWBOAT, my CMS) that runs on Node.js or offline on iOS via JSContext.
BPM: Percussion Metronome, a metronome and drum looper with dozens of built-in beats for practicing an instrument. Wrote all beats in a text editor, which BPM parses into looping MIDI.
WetPaint: Finger Painting, a drawing and painting App simple enough to use with your toddler.
2013 – Current
TheBrain Technologies c# xamarin skiasharp macos ios ui ux ember.js javascript css git jira Senior Software Engineer
Built main UI control for TheBrain 9 – 12 from scratch in a cross platform manner—Mac, Windows, iOS, Android.
Thin, custom, native graphics wrappers for each platform with shared core C# animation/interaction code. Implicitly-animated control allows visualization and touch- and mouse-based navigation of massive data sets.
Porting of SkiaSharp notes editor (custom, native, from-scratch text editor) to behave well on iOS and Android.
Endless UI/UX polish, bug-fixing, tweaking and iteration to respond to feedback and delight our users.
Ember.js code overhaul and web client redesign, inspired by desktop product but with its own design language.
2012 – 2013
DreamWorks Animation SKG python pyqt gui Software Engineer
Worked on GUI tools for artists and animators to hand off work between departments in the production pipeline. GUI improvements for various Python/PyQT tools.
2010 – 2012
Oblong Industries, Inc. / c++ gui opengl linux cocoa objective-c win32 networking video git Software Engineer
Developed software to allow g-speak users (for a next-gen UI platform for gestural real-space computing) to “reach through” and use Windows and Mac applications. Designed, built, documented and polished simple-to-use multi-threaded, multi-process Mac and Windows UI. Integrated it into Mezzanine, Oblong’s conference room product.
2005 – 2010
Doheny Eye Institute / USC Keck School of Medicine c# winforms gui c++ graphics image-processing html javascript Research Engineer / Programmer
Built end-user applications used by algorithm researchers, clinicians and clinical trials for quantitative diagnosis of retinal images.
Summer 2005
Pixar Animation Studios perl python csh linux Technical Director Intern
Maintained and extended automated character model profiling system for Ratatouille's Global Technology Team (pre-production), as well as other profiling and test systems.
Summers 1999
1998 & 1996
Cinematix Studios c++ directx 3-d Game Programmer
Added special effects and animations to computer games Total Mayhem and Revenant.
& Bonus Skills
Python as go-to scripting language. Swift for iOS & Mac Apps. Haskell for other projects.
Made my own embedded language, TSVG, a JS + SVG compiler. See TSVG Node.js package.
Extensive Affinty Photo (Adobe Photoshop) and Affinity Designer (Adobe Illustrator) experience.
Long-time interest in typography and budding interest in type design (Glyphs for macOS).
Volunteer work producing Standard Ebooks: beautiful, free, professionally typeset Public Domain ebooks.
Book cover graphic designs for several other free ebooks published on
Visited and photographed over 100 units in the National Parks system.
Other Interests: drawing, electric bass & guitar, music theory, singing, vocal percussion.