Professional Experience & Blog

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StackOverflow Developer Story
My Résumé or CV
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My LinkedIn Profile
opinion jay seal of approval
Advice from Opinion Jay. My weblog.

Photography, Graphic Design & Art Projects

Graphical, abstract representation of a blue sky and mountains over a red canyon landscape
Updike Stories of Adventure
US Parks Map
“Physical Map” tiles I made from NASA data
Wild Faces Scenic Places - Blue Morpho Butterfly Face
Wild Faces, Scenic Places
Photography Portfolio of Jared & Royal Updike
Great OFL Typefaces
Type samples of some high-quality Open Font License type faces.
A monogram with a capital P and lowercase g interlocked
Panglyphs: A Visual History
of over 100 notable typefaces.
A digital book (PDF, 260+ pages, 60+ MB).
An ampersand symbol icon
Ebook Cover Designs
Graphic Designs for a random assortment of ebooks, many of them in the Public Domain
A graphical representation of a mustachioed, hairy man, wearing a sombrero with the words 'Nacho Average' on the hat and the word TACO for a face
Graphic Design Work
Projects for Intro Graphic Design Art Center at Night Class
A drawing of a young lady with flowing golden locks, looking downward
Sketches in Pencil & Pen
Mostly of people on the subway train in LA

Commercial Apps & Open Source Projects

WetPaint icon, a white W on a purple finger painted squiggle of a background
WetPaint: Finger Painting
A Drawing & Painting App for You & Your Toddler
BPM icon: the tips of two drum sticks a few inches above a snare drum
BPM: Percussion Metronome
An Easy-to-Use Practice Metronome & Drum Loop App
An impossible shape that looks sort of like a capital letter H or a sharp symbol or octothorpe (or hashtag, in the vernacular)
Exhaustive Piano & Guitar Chord & Scale App, for Students, Composers, Songwriters, Arrangers & Working Musicians
TSVG NPM Package
Turing-complete SVG preprocessor
A black-and-white magpie icon
Make a small, simple website or blog from a folder full of Markdown and JS template files (lit-html). Generate a static website.
Nitpic icon: a hexagonal mosaic of smaller and smaller images that form a rainbow
Nitpic (unreleased)
Is a Thumbnailer, Publisher, and Image Captioner. Used to build USA and WF/SP galleries.


Recipes Brain
Collected or Developed by Myself and My Wife
TheBrain logo, consisting of four blue blobs on a sky blue background
My day job. I do a lot of front-end (UI/UX) work.
A circlular view of a colorful virtual bookshelf
Ebookshelf: a TSVG demo
Standard Ebooks as a Virtual Bookshelf. Graphic Design/UI/UX Project.
The Standard Ebooks logo of a book with letters S and E on the pages an electric plug, surrounded by laurels
Standard Ebooks
Alex Cabal’s volunteer/community Public Domain literature project where I made a tiny contribution

Social Media

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Follow me on Twitter
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My YouTube Channel


a tiny photo of Lisle Chandler Updike wearing a hat, set inside a circle, carrying a tripod
Photography of Lisle Chandler Updike
Selections of what my great-grandfather photographed in Mesa Verde in 1909—1911
A small black and white sketch of Laura Fisher
Laura Harrison Fisher Herbst
A place to put modern Ebook renditions of the text of my maternal grandmother’s children’s novels
Cari Updike Fine Art logo: the artist's signature
Cari Updike Fine Art
Fine Art Oil Paintings by my own dear mother
Updike Orthodontics
An Orthodontics Practice in Orange County, CA